Neill Moore
Digital Product & User Experience Designer

Tesco hudl.2

Project background

The hudl line of tablets are Android tablets designed for Tesco customers to get the most from Tesco whilst also having access to all the features provided by the Android ecosystem.

My role was to lead the ustwo design team whilst working closely with the Tesco Product Owner team, and other third parties. The Agile Coach, Collin Lyons, wrote a blog post about the collaboration on hudl2 and gives a quick insight into how we worked.

Our aim was to create a truly viable alternative to other more expensive tablets, built by competitors that have access to larger sets of resources.

"The Tesco Hudl 2 is, quite simply, the best tablet in its price bracket we've ever seen or used […] it remembers its target audience with a confidence normally associated with the Apples and Amazons of this world.”


Ustwo worked to help define the requirements for the main features that are unique to the hudl. We created supporting research artifacts to aid the design process, such as a set of personas and documenting the main use case scenarios.


We followed an lean design process, regularly building prototypes, and performing user testing to validate ideas and designs. I produced a large proportion of the prototypes myself, and also conducted many of the user testing sessions.

My Tesco

My Tesco was a personlised feed of Tesco content that would be tailored to the customer's relationship with Tesco. The feed provided exposure of other Tesco services, including Mortgages from Tesco Bank, clothing from F&F, and Tesco's coffee chain Harris and Hoole.

A prototype of the tablet's launcher experience

The video above is an example of a prototype I built using Axure RP to test the the proposed functionality of the launcher. I ran the prototype on a tablet so users could interact with the functionality. We tested several iterations and refined the experience to find the right level brand exposure. We were looking to add value for loyal Tesco customers whilst not being overbearing for those who were less engaged with the brand.

Child Safety

A large proportion of hudls are either gifted to or used by children. For that reason, Tesco wanted to ensure they were a responsible technology vendor, and so a large emphasis was placed on trying to help enable parents to ensure that their children were safe whilst using the hudl.

I interviewed a number of parents asking them about how their children used technology, and there main concerns about how their children used connected devices. We took the learnings and produced class leading child safety features that allowed parents to limit the amount of time children spent using their hudl, the content they could access online, and an app authorisation flow where apps that weren't child friendly wouldn't appear on the child's profile.

I then tested our child safety features with partents and children of various ages.

"The app is simple to navigate and will no doubt grant countless adults peace of mind.”

Other Optimisations

We worked hard to think about the end-to-end experience the user would have, from the branding and layout of the the packaging and instructions, to the first time onboarding experience. We had to try and provide a seamless journey between the Google authentication flows and into Tesco registration / authentication. All the time we had to consider the right level of Tesco integration.

We also considered the point of sale experience for users, and I desgined a prototype of an interactive experience that would help grab the attention of a passing customer.


Working closely on site with the Tesco Connected Products team, we worked as a multi discipline team. We ensured that we maintained excellent communication and built a very strong team spirit. Based on our the resources we had available, we massively over delivered on both ours and the clients expectations.

More information...

If you'd like to hear much more detail about this project, see some of the prototypes that I built and talk more about process, please feel free to contact me.